Woreman was created with the notion that it would constantly pursue the understanding of brand + design. Woreman offers our clients the opportunity to build a relationship that lasts the entire lifespan of their brand. Having expertise in multi-disciplines allows us to positively influence every touchpoint of their brands experience.


We work best with engaged clients who are passionate and hold an unshaking belief in their product or service. They understand deeply that their brands full character is obtained when their messaging works together to tell a larger story. We understand that the relationship we build through our process with our clients, combined with their passion, always produces long lasting impactful results.


Cleve Tuttle  Co-Founder / Partner


Design thinking and communication are the key aspects that have stabilized a successful career in the brand development and management industry. Cleve has worked with some of the biggest global brands as well as some of the strongest local Houston favorites and start-ups. Cleve believes in the potential of every brand and feels that through meaningful & trusting relationships with clients any goal can be achieved.


Cleve founded Woreman in 2010 with business partner Fernando Namerow to offer a convergence of design related solutions. Merging the disciplines of Branding, Architecture, Marketing and Business Strategy. Woreman has always worn multiple hats to bring a plethora of successes to our clients in just about every industry.

Fernando Namerow  Co-Founder / Partner


Fernando Namerow has served as a Communication Designer for 25+ years. He began his affinity toward design in Puerto Rico where he is from. There he practiced design as an intern at multiple design agencies. Fernando began his education in art and communication earning a design degree and post graduate studies in Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute. He taught at a High Risk Childrens Program at Pratt Institute and interned at multiple design firms while in New York. He then moved to Houston, Texas where he taught Foundation Design at the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. He then later joined Gensler Architectural Firm where he created wayfinding and branding programs for various clients including Exxon Mobil, Houston Police Department, Bayou Place and American General. Later, he joined Acumen Design where he helped establish the company and its brand message for twelve years. He worked on many national and international accounts including Coca Cola, Ford, Miller Brewing, Lego, Land Rover and St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital to name a few. He established and has been operating Woreman Brand Agency, offering a complete package of design services and strategies to better enhance the communication between any brand and its target audience. He believes good branding makes for a good first impression, but it also makes the last one memorable.


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